Have a “well summer”: food, tunes, and connection

Shake up mealtime with these great summer recipes from Dr. Yum and the Foodie Physician, and throw on some tunes with this classic summer playlist! For a deeper connection, check out the movie From Crisis to Connection that premiered at the recent Quality Forum. Whatever you do, don’t forget your sunscreen!

Impacts of climate change on well-being

With wildfires raging out of control and another dry, hot summer in the forecast, climate change is on people’s minds. It’s increasingly understood as a health issue, but what can you do about it? Read more

From moral injury to safer workplaces

How can we better support people in healthcare who are living and working with moral injury and distress? This recording of a SWITCH BC and Physicians Health Program webinar with keynote speaker Dr. Wendy Dean discusses her research in moving healthcare teams through moral injury and into psychologically safer workplaces.

Article: Dimensions of Wellness

“Wellness” covers many areas. Check out this quick read on Dimensions of Wellness from the Association of Academic Psychiatrists.

The Myth of Normal

Check out local physician Dr Joanna Cheek’s blog post on Gabor Mate’s new book, The Myth of Normal. It discusses the health implications of always putting others’ needs before our own. Read more

Building emotional resilience

Want some practical guidance around managing emotions? Try the ABC method for building emotional resilience and check out the DBT Tools website for more skills!

Physician Health & Wellness resources

Check out the Physician Health & Wellness Hub for resources. Available to you on an ongoing basis: – Mindful Mondays: 8-9 pm every other Monday – PHP “Drop in and share” peer support sessions: 12-1 pm every Wednesday – Need help now? Please call the Physician Health Program 24/7 at 1-800-663-6729

Do New Year’s resolutions even work?

Read the ‘evidence’ in this fun article Resolving New Year’s Resolutions from the family physician-led Patients, Experience, Evidence, Research (PEER) team!