West Coast Imaging performs automated breast ultrasound (ABUS)

As the first clinic in BC, West Coast Medical Imaging performs screening breast ultrasound for patients with C and D density breasts using Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS). The standard WCMI requisition can be used. Patients must have had a mammogram that identifies their breast density. Patients that are not suitable for ABUS include: Patients with […]

Pathways users: Please help us keep specialist wait times up to date

When you notice that a wait time is out of sync with what is posted on Pathways, please notify Pathways via the Contact us button in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Our administrator will connect with the respective specialty office and update their profile within a week. Thanks from Your Pathways team!

Keeping your Pathways profile up to date

If you have a Pathways profile, please remember to keep it up to date. You can find the link to your profile for reviewing/editing under the YOU menu item on your logged in Pathways homepage. Contact Cherith at [email protected] if you need help updating your profile.